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Remote Python Developer : Improve Your Python Development Skill

Models, a fundamental component of the Django framework, hold a central position in its architecture. Following Django’s design principles for models is essential. This involves maintaining explicit naming and functionality within our fields and encapsulating all relevant model functionality within the model itself, rather than dispersing it elsewhere—a core tenet of Django’s design philosophy. If…

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Let’s Know How To Structure Large Flask Applications Step by Step

Creating and managing Large Flask Applications involves various methods and conventions. Many frameworks provide tools for automating and simplifying this task, but they all emphasize structuring the code base by logically distributing it across files and folders. Flask, a minimalistic web application development framework, offers a solution through its ‘blueprints.’ In this article, we’ll explore…

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How TypeScript can be used with Node and Express?

At the onset of my career, I embraced strong-typed languages as a web developer. However, the allure of JavaScript and Python’s dynamic features captivated me. The flexibility of not declaring variables enhanced my productivity and fueled my passion. Initially skeptical about TypeScript, a pivotal shift occurred in my mindset. What prompted this change? I adopted…

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