Mobile App Development

Empowering Tomorrow: Unleashing the Potential of Big Data Solutions

In the vast digital landscape of today’s interconnected world, data has become more than just a commodity – it is the lifeblood that fuels innovation, drives decision-making, and shapes the future of industries. At the forefront of this data-driven revolution stands the formidable arsenal of Big Data Solutions, a powerful suite of technologies and methodologies…

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Innovating the Future: Unveiling Cloud App Development Strategies

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, the fusion of data science and software engineering propels us into uncharted territories. As a seasoned data scientist and software engineer, my professional journey unfolds not merely as a pursuit of excellence but as a relentless exploration of innovation. This journey is not just about technological advancement; it’s…

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Efficient Unit Testing with Jest for Gatsby, TypeScript, and React Testing Library

The task to set up Jest and React Testing library for TDD using Gatsby is an easy one.Its tricky as i planned to use Typescripts in my test. Firstly , i installed jest, babel-jest and babel-preset-gatsby ensuring the presence of babel preset(s) which can be used internally for Gatsby site. npm install –save-dev jest babel-jest babel-preset-gatsby identity-obj-proxy tslint-react…

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Remote Typescript Developer : GraphQL, TypeScript and PostgreSQL API

The go-to stack in recent times for developers, especially Remote Typescript Developers, revolves around GraphQl and Typescript. While I have utilized Vanilla JavaScript in a recent project, my experience with Typescript has been extensive. Despite not having direct hands-on experience initially, I found great assistance through a tutorial that guided me effectively. In this article,…

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