Mobile Application Architecture: React Native vs. Native

When it comes to mobile app architecture, React Native and Native development offer distinct approaches. Coming from an iOS and Android development background, I initially faced challenges transitioning to React Native. This new environment marked a significant shift, having primarily focused on mobile development. However, I viewed this change as an opportunity to expand my…

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Challenges and Best Practices in Docker Container Security

Docker Security: A Comprehensive Guide Docker containers have become increasingly popular in recent years, but with this popularity comes increased security concerns. Containers are more complex than traditional virtual machines, and securing them can be challenging. In this article, we will discuss the importance of Docker security, the reasons for the complexity of Docker containers,…

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Efficient Unit Testing with Jest for Gatsby, TypeScript, and React Testing Library

The task to set up Jest and React Testing library for TDD using Gatsby is an easy one.Its tricky as i planned to use Typescripts in my test. Firstly , i installed jest, babel-jest and babel-preset-gatsby ensuring the presence of babel preset(s) which can be used internally for Gatsby site. npm install –save-dev jest babel-jest babel-preset-gatsby identity-obj-proxy tslint-react…

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