Blockchain Developer At Vircadia


Created smart contracts using solidity programming.

Involved in DAPP development using HTML, Java Script, and Node.js and interact with Ethereum
Blockchain by using Web3 JS API.

Developed methods for accurate and simultaneous rendering of heterogeneous and
multiresolution meshes without visual artifacts through the application of a Biva Visibility Test
(patent pending) o Worked on Mindbenders WebGL engine, and performed optimizations on both
Virtual Texturing and rendering passes.

Obj/3DS files with Blender & Converting into CTM/FBX Loader. 3D Graphics Programming, WebGL,
OpenGL, Web Graphics (Canvas/Svg).

Three.js, Fabric.js, 2D & 3D Graphics Rendering Works Editing of Glass panels and resizing were
done using Three.js, Babylon.js, 2D & 3D Graphics Rendering Works.

Designing and presenting interactive sessions about Bitcoin and Ethereum protocols and
presented them to different agencies

Launch Project


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