Single Page Applications Development

Single Page Applications Development


A single-page application is an application that works inside a browser and doesn’t need page reloading during use. It is a web app or webpage that fits into one single page and gives a more adaptable, desktop-like user-experience and gives better performance. These are our regular applications, for example, Facebook, Google Maps, GitHub, and Gmail.

A decent full stack JavaScript app engineer ought to be able to guarantee full SEO optimization of any SPA and ensure to program a server, browser, and database by utilizing progressed JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, Ember.js, Meteor.js, and Knockout.js. This will help the SPA request the data and markup independently, render pages straight in the browser and ease development while providing solutions to some of the issues associated with SPAs.


While developing a good single page application, an experienced full stack JavaScript app developer should be able to point out the qualities of a SPA as regards the advantages and disadvantages;


  • Linear user experience: While using SPAs, scrolling is very easy, convenient, and uninterrupted. There’s no need to click on any link at all. Indeed, the scrolling nature of SPAs makes them perfectly suited for mobile users who have become accustomed to scrolling.
  • Fast and responsive: SPAs improve a website’s speed significantly as they don’t update the entire page but only required content. Most resources such as Scripts, CSS, and HTML are only loaded once throughout the lifespan of the application-only data is transmitted back and forth.
  • Debugging with Chrome: SPAs are developed on frameworks like AngularJS Batarang and React developer tools which have their own Chrome developer tools that make debugging much easier.
  • Caching capabilities: SPAs send only one request to a server and then stores all the data it receives, thereby caching any local data effectively. Then it can use this data and work even offline.


  • Security issues: Memory leak in JavaScript can cause the powerful systems to slow down. If developers aren’t careful about what data is contained in the initial page load, they can easily expose sensitive data to all users.
  • SEO optimization: People are of the opinion that SPAs provide poor SEO optimization, but a good full stack JavaScript app developer would ensure that their JavaScript files are indexed by Google because Google runs them in their crawler.


Single page web applications fit perfectly for building dynamic platforms with small data volumes. If you need to satisfy a large and diverse audience-thousands of users that use multiple devices, have a large-scale app with a complex user interface and hundreds of content pages, or require a super rapid site with dynamic data loading and improved user experience, then you would need to employ the services of a full stack JavaScript app developer to help you build one.

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