Full Stack Engineer At Crewfare.com

Worked on writing API and Web Services in Node.js. Good knowledge in developing web applications and implementing Model View Control (MVC) architecture using server-less applications with Node.js, and AWS Serverless Framework. Changed Redux actions to Promises and Lifecycle Methods to asynchronous functions using ES7 async await to manage Reacts level state better and cut Redux container development time by 80%. Built features for 100,000+ users through CSS3, Flexbox, Storybook, React Navigation, Layout Animated, and Animated API in response to user scroll and click events to Implemented APIs with AWS Lambda and Serverless Framework in Node.js Built Gulp process to watch all the new typescript code changes converted into ES6 format for recent browsers. Did proof of concept work for deploying the in-house application to the AWS cloud using AWS services, in particular EC2 and RDS. Worked on developing applications using amazon web services like EC2, Cloud Search, Elastic Load balancer ELB, S3, and CloudFront.

Client: Crewfare.com Services: Full Stack Development

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