Full Stack Blockchain Engineer At Signature Ai


Created smart contracts using solidity programming
Involved in DAPP development using HTML, JavaScript and Node.js, and interact with Ethereum
Blockchain by using Web3 JS API.

Deployed the smart contract code in Testrpc and perform testing O Created private network with

Deployed smart contract in different environments using truffle
Involved in integrating Ethereum blockchain with Metamask browser.

2 years of Analytical Sr 3D/WebGL Software Engineer experience in Design, Development, Support,
and Implementation of global enterprise products and services with m–tier client-server

Optimized loading of hierarchical level of detail meshes to reduce data usage by 30-50%.

Designing and presenting interactive sessions about Bitcoin and Ethereum protocols and
presenting them to different agencies.

Experience with multiple Blockchain Technology platforms (Ethereum/ Hyperledger/ Ripple).

Developed a web channel for the Retail industry using Blockchain technology using Node.js.

Configured and completed the end-to-end setup of the python project Hyper ledger Cello, A
“Blockchain as a service” in Amazon AWS using Ubuntu instances.

Launch Project

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